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How to get the most from the Kusashi Website

Any Browser

This website is designed to work in any browser on any platform. There are a number of secondary features that may require a plugin to access. These secondary features do not form an integral part of the site , they simply enhance your experience. Some pages may prompt for plugin downloads all of which can be found listed below or via the downloads page located from the side bar


  • CSS - Enables graphical presentation of the website.
  • JavaScript/ECMAScript - Enables switching of style sheets and cookie function.
  • Cookie - remembers which style sheet has been selected to use on subsequent pages.
  • MathML - Used for presentation of mathematical formulae (may require plugin)
  • SVG - Used to create dynamic graphical representations of formulae from given inputs (may require plugin)


Note: The Mozilla browser comes with many features pre-installed. We recommend downloading the free Mozilla browser if you regularly view these types of sites. Note: Mozilla builds upto 0.9 have native support for SVG. However, versions 1+ may crash(Bug 133567)

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